Monday, August 22, 2005

WINE -->Smoking Loon

In the world of cheep-ish wine, it's hard to pass up Smoking Loon. A Napa vintage, the Loon comes with a deep yellow label, highlighted with red trim. The label will tell you the stork of Jake, who nobody seems to have understood. Jake laughed a lot, and smoked a lot. A loon, if you will.

The chardonay is delightfully smooth, the pinot nior is appropriately smokey, and the cab-sav does not overpower one with tangy-ness.

I have yet to visit the winery, but its on my list. As is the company's viognier.

Right on with Smoking Loon. What a name, what a wine. Smoke rings and good dreams at a reasonable price.

The Big O and Little P
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