Monday, August 22, 2005

VC -->IBM Taps VCs to Beat Microsoft

This story quickly devolved into a good, old-fashioned spitting match between industry giants. I loved every minute of reporting it. On the Left: IBM's Drew Clark. On the Right: Microsoft's Dan'’l Lewin.

At issue? Big Blue's move to develop a panel of VC advisors. I teased this story on Friday. I was hoping to get these guys into an all-out fist fight, but Silicon Valley decorum prevailed (again). It was a special pleasure to meet Mr. Lewin, who is Princeton '76.

Mr. Clark:
Mr. Clark said Microsoft has been trying to bully VCs into avoiding investments in open source. "To us, that's a new low," said Mr. Clark. "It's gotten to the point where I think they're scared they're going to lose the best and brightest innovations. The VCs aren't buying it."

Mr. Lewin: "What he says is absolutely ridiculous," said Dan'l Lewin, Microsoft's vice president of .NET business development. "We provide great incentive structures tied to win, win, win: customer, company, and Microsoft. We don't do anything to dissuade anybody. We just market and evangelize what we do."

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