Monday, August 22, 2005

SECURITY -->From the Shadows (again)

I hate to post on the same thing twice, but if you haven't checked out From the Shadows yet, you should. I'm still totally amped about this project. It's television via internet protocol with a highly-nerdy twist.

Box 5.0, available via this website, deals with beermaking. Mmm...Beer. It's hard not to salivate when watching the show, where the Flexilis guys take the Anchor Steam brewery tour. Watch beer being made, drunk, and analyzed by a bunch of techno-experts (aka nerds).

One of the best parts of the video is the time-lapse photography of beer being brewed. It looks a lot like the weather maps on tv.

The second half of the show is all about how to do it yourself. A halmark of the ground-breaking show.

"Now that I'm making beer, I wish I'd paid attention in chemisty and biology," says Craig Baker, of the Culiver Home Brewing Supply shop, who has a tatto of a hops fine around his bicepts.

One weird thing that the everyone in the video can't seem to ignore is the relation of hops to marajauna. Go figure.

One of the great things about John Hering is that he wears Sperry Topsiders.

After making beer, the crew gets uber-geeky, by talking to the operators of The idea: beer regulation pouring via linux computing. It regulates temperature, pouring, and will allow for international beer-drinking competitions. The kegbot will also keep a running log of one's blood-alchocol level. This "promotes responsible drinking." It also allows one to set up user-accounts for beer consumption, to track spending and, user permission levels. Mike Wakerly is in charge of the project, and he has some mad sideburns (chops).

From the Shadows is still very campy/nerdy. It has a way to go, but should not be ignored. These guys are on the forefront of a movement, and the small stuff tends to work itself. But before you VCs start salivating, know that Mr. Hering et, al, have enough cash flow to finance their show as is. Read about it soon in Red Herring Magazine.

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