Thursday, August 18, 2005

PR -->Headscratcher

I got this weird pitch in the email today. The names have been obscured to protect the innocent.

(NAME) is an entrepreneur and his hobby is making employees and customers entrepreneurs like him. He is head of one of the most well-known e-commerce companies, (NAME: NASDAQ LISTING). He lives and breathes entrepreneurialism.

It all started when, as a young boy, he slipped while playing on railroad tracks in suburban Minneapolis. A railroad worker saved his life by applying a tourniquet (made from a t-shirt). (NAME)'s leg was amputated below the knee. This near death experience was like giving him the Star Wars' "Force" to put his life in high gear -- from starting a company in college developing software for Mercedes owners to locate hard to find Mercedes to, today, making his middle management entrepreneurs with weekly "checks and balances" meetings, discussing their self-starting decisions.

(NAME) has developed a program called (NAME) that puts resellers in business the same day as their own e-commerce entrepreneur reselling products from (NAME)'s 3,000 clients.

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