Friday, August 19, 2005

PR -->Headscratcher

The Red Herring sometimes gets strange notes from public relations people. Here's a pitch from the questionable side of sanity, received today:

Subject: Is There Ever a Time to Kill?

Yes when a device might have sensitive information on it that would land your company on the wrong side of the story in the Wall Street Journal, defect to your biggest competitor or leave your corporate network exposed to the latest diabolical mind that learned how to pick your employee's car lock and take his laptop PDA Smartphone.

That is the time to kill.

And merciless a company must be if it is to protect itself. It's a eat or be eaten world out there, and we (the consumer) are sick and tired of reading another headline about how some company didn't do the right thing and protect our information.

We're fed up so kill! Kill! Kill!

And if you want to talk to a company that helps corporate America be the hitman of these rogue devices who are free to do their damage, let me know I can hook you up.

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